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There is a category of jokes called “blonde jokes” that employs the dumb blonde stereotype. It overlaps at times with other jokes that portray the subject of the joke

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Blonde Jokes Enjoy our collection of Funny Blonde Jokes . Computer Malfunction. This blonde turns on her computer one morning at work. As it comes to life, suddenly

With blondes having as little brain power as they do, it isn t hard to come up with some great knee slapping blonde jokes. Our collection of fantastic blonde jokes is

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Only the best funny Blonde jokes and best Blonde websites as selected and voted by visitors of Joke Buddha website

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These are definitely jokes that deserve a shot or two. Everything that s funny always seems to happen at a bar. Bar jokes are the staple of a decent joke site, so we

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The blonde joke. Why would anyone want to make a blonde joke? Ask any blonde you know. If you can knock the cock out of her mouth, first. Just The Facts

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